A BRIEF HISTORY: (1795 -1856 A.D.)



BIRTH: Hazrath Afzal Biabani was born in 1210 Hijri (i.e., 1795 A.D.) at Kazipet Jagir, Dist. Warangal, Hyderabad State, India.

PARENTS: Hazrath Syed Shah Ghulam Mohiuddin Biabani (R.A.) and Hazrath Qasim Bibi Saheba (R.A.) were the parents of hazrath Syed Shah Afzal Biabani (R.A.). Mir Qurban Ali, the then Collector, Warangal was his father-in-law.

NOMENCLATURE: Some people say that ‘Biabani ‘ means the residents of forest. Since they came to India and used to do prayer and meditation in the forest of Multan, (It was a part of India at that time) the sufis of that period used to do prayer and meditation generally in the forest. It was their inborn character.

It was the first time the name Biabani was suffixed to the name of Hazrath Ziauddin (R.A.) since he was founder of Biabani family, it is worthy to note that the descendants from Hazrath Ziauddin Biabani (R.A.) to Hazrath Afzal Biabani (R.A.) all used to pray and meditate in the forests and there by kept the nomenclature of Biabani alive.

SAINT BY BIRTH: Hazrath Afzal Biabani (R.A.) was a saint (Vali Allah) by birth. His mother said that there was something extraordinary in him right from the childhood. Some miraculous incidents were manifested even in his childhood. Once at the residence of her brother, Syed Murtuza Hussaini at Qutbi guda, Hyderabad, playing with children of his age (4 to 5 years old) in the court yard, he dug a small pit (well), like the other children. But to their astonishment water was found in the pit dug by him, where as the other pits were dry. His maternal uncle said that Afzal Biabani would become a saint and a man of miracles in future by the grace of Allah.