"Read: In the name of thy Lord who createth. Createth man from a clot. Read: And thy Lord is the most bounteous." (Al-Quran-Al-Alaq-1, 2 and 3).

Hazrath (Hazrath Afzal Biabani R.A.) received primary education from his father and Faqirullah Shah (R.A.), a great scholar of Qur’an and Hadith and a sufi saint at Fort Warangal. Once when Hazrath Afzal Biabani was going to Fort Warangal, in the evening his companions were left behind and it was getting dark. When he reached "Gunjshuhada" (Graveyard) a group of men bearing torches (Mashals) followed him. As soon as he reached Fort Warangal, they disappeared. This clearly reflects his reverence and grace of Allah on him.

Hazrath said that on account of the teachings of Faqirullah Shah R.A. his curiosity to learn more about the secrets of Islam and the spiritual power increased.

His father, Hazrath Syed Shah Ghulam Mohiuddin Biabani R.A. taught him the ‘way of knowledge’ (Maarifat), the ‘Mystical path’ (Tariqat, the ‘way of love with Allah’ (Mohabbath-e-Haqiqui) which led him to the ‘inner truth’ (haqiqat). He also blessed him with khilafat and declared him, as his spiritual successor (Sajjada Nasheen).

After the demise of his father, his mother sent him to hyderabad for further studies in the year 1807 A.D.

A strange incident on the way to hyderabad which is a clear proof that Hazrath was chosen by Allah and destined to be a "Vali Allah" a friend of Allah in his boyhood only.

He said "When I was travelling from Kazipet to hyderabad, I suffered from tonsillitis and pain in the throat. I felt thirsty and went in search of water. I reached a spring (Chashma) of fresh water. There I found a tiger and a wild pig roaring at each other. I was frightened. At that moment an old man with dark complexion appeared suddenly and offered me bread, I ate it and regained my strength. Later I learnt that the old man was Hazrath Khizr Alaih Assalam".

In Hyderabad, he put up at the residence of his maternal uncle Syed Murtuza Hussaini, at Qutbi guda.

The great scholars of Islamic studies and Sufi-Saints Moulavi Qutubuddin R.A. and Moulavi Sadruddin R.A. taught him the holy Qur’an, Islamic law (shari’at), exegesis (tafseer) of the holy Qur’an, the tradition (Hadith) and the principles of Jurisprudence (Fiqh). He learnt by heart the holy Qur’an at the age of 12 under the supervision of above said great scholars, which is a great achievement and honour for a boy of 12 years.

"The Beneficent. Hath made known the Qur’an". (Al-Qur’an-Al-Rahman 1 and 2).

PIOUS COMPANY: "O ye who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with Truthful (Sadiqueen)". (Al-Qur’an-Al-Tauba-119).

In Hyderabad, Hazrath Afzal Biabani R.A. used to join the pious company of Hazrath Syed Shah Ghulam Ali Quadri Al Mosavi R.A., a cousin of his father, who was a perfect Sufi-Saint (Vali Allah), who use to invoke the name of Allah (Zikr) day and night. It is said that he did not sleep nor take rest for years together, and was found to be in deep meditation. Hazrath Khizr Alaih Assalam used to meet him once a week.

Hazrath Afzal Biabani R.A. said, "Once I heard the invoking sound of ‘Kalima-e-Tayyaba’ from the heart of Hazrath Ghulam Ali Quadri Al Mosavi R.A. while he was sleeping. The body was in deep sleep but his heart was invoking Allah. Immediately I circumambulated around him and stood before him with respect. Then he woke up and asked me ‘what have you observed’

I replied, ‘your heart (Qalb) was invoking Allah when you were asleep. He expressed his happiness and blessed me saying, "O Allah bless him in the same manner as you have blessed me". Then he showed me the method of reciting the ‘Kalima-e-Tayyaba".
"the path of those whom thou hast favoured." (Al-Qur’an-Al-Fathiha-6).

From that day Hazrath started to practice the invocation of ‘Kalima-e-Tayyaba’ in retreat (Gosha Nasheeni) along with the practice of self -effacement (Faqr).
Raushan Khan, a disciple said: "One day I saw Hazrath Afzal Biabani R.A. was sleeping but his heart (Qalb) was invoking the ‘Kalima-e-Tayyaba’.