"who are constant at their worship. And those, who are attentive at their worship. These will dwell in gardens, honoured." (Al-Qur’an-al-maarij-23, 24 and 35)

Following the sunnat of Holy Prophet, Hazrath Afzal Biabani (R.A.) had adopted worship, invocation and meditation in the secluded caves of hills in the jungles for gaining complete defiance and control over sensual pleasures and desires. He used to go to the hills of Papannapet in Medak District of Hyderabad state. where he invoked the name of Allah, performed prayers (Namaz) and meditation. Thus he glorified Allah the Almighty day and night.

"Remember Allah with much remembrance." (Al-Qur’an-Al-Ahzab-41)

At the age of 28 he left hills of Medak and came back to Kazipet, where he continued worship (Namaz), invocation (Zikr) and meditation in the cave of Bhattupally hills (not far from Kazipet village) by renouncing the world:

A hadith qouted in lbn Majah: The Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) said: Renounce the world and Allah will love you, and renounce what people possess and people will love you.

Even after several hurdles he spent his entire youth to kill his ‘nafs’ denying all worldly desires and pleasures and achieved a high degree of self- denial and self- control.

In the Bhattupally hills his constant and rapt worship (Namaz), Invocation (zikr) and meditation reached great heights and he was graced with celestial illumination (Tajalli-e-Ilahi) of the Merciful Allah. He was continuously encircled by the divine light, for 12 years, in which immersed himself and experienced the spiritual delight so much that he rather lost his physical senses. Although his back was eaten by white ants, he could not feel the pain of the wounds. During this period as he had sat motionless (in Qaida) for a long period (i.e., 12 years) his thighs and shanks were stuck together. They started bleeding when he stood up. The scars of white ants’ bite on his back was seen by his son Hazrath Syed Shah Sarwar Biabani (R.A) and several disciples. He spent that entire period in a state of intuition.

He said that during the worship some evil spirits used to come and try to interrupt , but he had dismissed them all.

While he was deeply in worship under a tree on one of the hills near Kota cheru (tank) he was again graced with the celestial illumination of the merciful Allah.

Once on the hills of Boda Gutta (Behind Kazipet, station) he was graced with the Divine light. H is son Hazrath Syed Shah Sarwar Biabani (R.A) said" "once I accompanied my father from Hanamkonda to Kazipet, at Bundum tank (behind Regional Engineering College, Warangal) he hugged a tree and wept saying. ‘I witnessed a glimpse of divine light (Tajall-e-Ilahi) on this holy tree during worship, on a nearby cliff where a genie (Jin) used to come and obey me". This cliff is called Kohitoor-e-sani by his disciples.

According to a hadith, Hazrath Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said: "The scholars of my Ummat (followers) would be the rank of the prophets of Bani Israil."

Hazrath Afzal Biabani (R.A.) was so great saint and scholar that he was graced many times and continually with the celestial illumination of Divine light, where as generally friends of Allah (Aulia Allah) were graced with Divine light once or twice in their life time for a moment only.

It is said, once during meditation a piece of burning coal fell on his thigh but he did not feel the burning sensation as he was completely immersed in meditation.

He used to prostate inversely (Sajda-e-maakus) in a cleft of hills of Bhattupally, Bodagutta and Bundum tank. He used to spend entire night in four long Sajdas inversely. On witnessing the light of Divine Essence (Noor-e-Zat-e-Ilahi) during one Sajda he used to perform another Sajda to show his gratefulness to Allah, in this way he used to perform four Sajdas till the dawn.

"If ye give thanks, I will give you more." (Al-Qur’an-Al-Ibrahim-7).

Apart from all these worship, invocation, meditation and fasting, he used to weep in fear of Allah and in gratefulness for his blessings in such a way as a calf cries of weeps for its mother cow. It is called geeria-va-zari. He used to pray for the grace of the merciful Allah. For the Friday’s prayers he used to visit jamaa Masjid, Hanamkonda.